Working for EshraTex

    EshraTex is an equal opportunity employer. We are always looking for dedicated people to contribute to our growing organization.

    We always work on maintaining a positive collaborative working environment that gives our employees the spirit and challenge to be more productive and innovative.

    We give every employee the right position that fits his/her qualifications and our needs. Team work is the core structure of our work environment. Each employee has his/her own responsibilities towards the company that can be accomplished individually and/or through teamwork.

    We support friendly and professional communication of any employee with top management as it is always welcomed and encouraged.

    We provide employees with many benefits such as adequate office space, ergonomic seating, breaks and activities to maintain comfort and efficiency.


    Training is the way of life at EshraTex. On the job training is continuously imparted at all levels to keep pace with dynamic customer requirements and adoption of new technologies.

    Good systems and practices are continuously incorporated and followed in all stages of production to achieve total customer satisfaction.