Cotton Yarn Mill

EshraTex Spinning S.A.E is a textile group of world class quality with 45,000 spindles specialized in 100% cotton, Fine and Superfine counts. It was established in 2006 near Alexandria, Egypt.

We acquire state of the art technology of all new machines from the best manufacturers from around the world, such as RIETER, Schlafhorst , Savio, LUWA, XORELLA, SSM, Jossi, Loepfe, Mesdan and USTER.

EshraTex is equipped with a fully featured USTER Laboratory; from Fiber to Finished Yarn with compliance to the highest quality standards in the textile world.

Customer Support

EshraTex is committed to offering 24/7 technical support answering all customer’s inquiries.

Your email inquiries will be handled within 24 hours on normal working days.

We appreciate prospective and current customers visiting our premises to review our quality standards, product samples and machine technology. You can arrange a visit here.

Our product samples are always available upon your request.

Fact Sheet

  • Daily production 8 tons with an average count Ne 80/1
  • 350 dedicated and highly qualified employees
  • 100% export of its production (major markets: Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey and France)
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  • Single Conventional Combed Yarn Products Range from Ne 36/1 to Ne 200/1
  • Single Compact Yarn Combed Products Range from Ne 50/1 to Ne 200/1
  • Double Conventional and Compact Yarn Products from Ne 36/2 to Ne 200/2
  • Double and Single Singed (Gassed) Yarn
  • Yarns engineered for post processes of dyeing, circular knitting, flat knitting, weaving, hosiery and sewing threads
  • Yarns designed for end use of shirting, knitted fabrics, home apparels and much more

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