Cotton Yarn Mill

Our Quality Commitment

  • EshraTex is certified in ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
  • EshraTex produces all articles from 100% Egyptian Giza Cotton Long and Extra Long Staple – Giza 86 (G86) and Giza 88 (G88).
  • 100% of the bales are tested using HVI and AFIS.
  • The variation of micronaire for used cotton mixes is limited to (± 0.1 Max).
  • All preparation lines are equipped with color contamination detection (JOSSI THE VISION SHIELD) and Polypropylene contamination detection (JOSSI MAGIC EYE).
  • All counts are being produced for weaving and knitting (circular, flat and hosiery) waxed/nonwaxed.
  • All counts are produced as singed/gassed articles.
  • All counts are being produced on normal hard cone and dye cone/ylinder 17/18 cm.
  • All cones are guaranteed 99.5% Package fault free.
  • Consistent diameter and weight (± 1%) of all dye packages is guaranteed.
  • 100% of the dye packages are hand inspected for weight and diameter.
  • 100% of the packages are hand inspected for visual defects.
  • All packages are wound on Schlafhorst Autoconer 5 equipped with (propack anti-ribboning, auto tension, auto speed, Length Control EcoPack ± 1% Max).
  • All counts are being cleared using Loepfe Zenit Clearers for (yarn faults, foreign matter, polypropylene).
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